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Kraft Factory Kirkby circa 1957 Photo by Jimmy Carter

We Lived in Field St for a while, then Tunnel Rd,then Porchester Rd, Norris Green...( all of which have been knocked down) then finally on to Hartwood Close Southdene Kirkby! We lived opposite "The Kraft" before they built Moorgate Rd. I can remember getting the number 19 tram when we first moved, about 1955. This photo shows myself my brothers John& Dennis,sister Pauline& I think Joey Dobbie?.. the !place was full of kids Being "good" Catholic boys we went to St Josephs, the on to St Kevins (it's not there any more either!!) My family moved to Australia in 1964.I have been back to Liverpool a few times, and I have noticed tremendous change in the city not the least is the colour of the buildings.The years of grime have been washed away leaving the sandstone and marble to shine again.

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