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Ringo The Ratcatcher of Fontenoy Gardens
by Tom Brennan
This is'nt the whole story of the title, just a little bit. I was born in Fontenoy Gardens, Byrom St, and did have a dog called Ringo and one of the interesting things I think worth mentioning (if I ever got round to sitting down and telling the whole story) ... more

growing up in rothwell st and the
lived in rothwell street my brothers ..derek leslie ..albert ..george ..percy and my sister violet i played around the queensway laundry barkers i went to whitefield rd school mr potter mr cain i would mutch rather have the cain of mr cain than mr potter hope to hear from anyone ... more

by Michael Dodd
Born on the dock road in Bootle,stealing sugar from the sacks on the lorries,coal from the railway,wood from the the timber yard.
Making a Guy on Nov 5 getting pennies from the drunken seamen.
Damp rat infested housing,7 other mouths to feed.
O happy days!
Loved the film, would have liked to see a ... more

TheJones family of kensington liverpool7
i was born and brought up in the kensington area we lived in houlton st.My dad was the local chimney sweep his name william my mums name nancy.I have a twin brother trevor there where five of us in the family.We Where happy living there it was a wonderful community.Sadly ... more


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