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Whitefield Road School Photo by Billy Cox

Like another of the contributors I also went to Whitefield Rd in the 70s and I'm guessing this photo was taken around that time. My teachers included Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Griffiths and Mr Potter. Mr McCausland ran the footy teams and Mr Querk was the music teacher. Though the name Mr Cain rings an ominous bell the Heads I really remember were Mrs Ashton, Mr Henty and Mr Griffiths. Then there was the smell from the Barker & Dobson sweet factory down the road, my first ever cola bottle gums from the old lady who ran the shop opposite the school, and the sound of the Ogdens siren every morning and afternoon. There was a lollipop man called Mr Hamilton he was like a 3rd grandad, really kind. My Dad ran the youth club over the road so one summer we had a chippy dinner on the grass by the club. I got my first and worst dose of hayfever - me eyes were like cricket balls! Happy days

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